Scouting worldwide

The Taringa Milton Toowong Scout Group is part of the largest youth movement in Australia and a worldwide movement of 30 million Scouts.

Scouts aims to enrich young people’s lives, empowering them to do their best so they will enjoy a self-fulfilled and constructive future. It is through the development of life skills such as self confidence, resilience and caring for others, that Scouts become responsible and active citizens and help create stronger communities.

Scouts achieves this with a fun, challenging accredited program for youth, which focuses on initiative, teamwork and cooperation, and community service and spirit. The development of leadership skills is a significant part of the Scout program, helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

Bear Grylls meets UK Scouts at the opening ceremony of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree 2011 in Sweden.

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree in 2015 will be held in Japan.  Learn more about the 23rd WSJ here >

About the World Scouting organisation

Scouting is a grassroots educational youth movement that is truly bottom-up in its structure and approach in engaging young people from all over the world.

World Scouting today is a confederation of 162 National Scout Organizations in a network of over 40 million members in more than 1 million local community Scout Groups. Some 7 million are adult volunteers who support the local activities, resulting in a huge multiplier effect.

Through peer-to-peer leadership, supported by adults, each local Scout Group embraces the same set of values illustrated in the Scout Promise and Law. Each of our 1 million local Scout Groups follows a similar system of non-formal education suited to the unique aspects of their local community.

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is an independent, worldwide, non-profit and non-partisan organisation which serves the Scout Movement. Its purpose is to promote unity and the understanding of Scouting’s purpose and principles, while facilitating its expansion and development.