Scouting continues to be active and strong in the western suburbs of Brisbane and the Taringa-Milton-Toowong Scout Group is proud of its long Scouting heritage.

Scouting started in the UK in 1908. Soon after in the same year, four Scout patrols had formed in Brisbane. One of these was the Toowong patrol attached to St Thomas’s Church in Toowong. About a year or so later, the Milton patrol had formed and sometime in the next year there is evidence that a patrol had also formed in Taringa.

Wolf Cubs started in 1918.  Milton is known to have been one of the earliest Troops in Brisbane to have started a Wolf Cub Pack in 1919.

Rover Scouts came into existence in the UK in 1918. However, the first Rover Crew to be registered in Queensland in 1923 was the Milton Rover Crew.

In 1986, the Milton and Toowong Groups amalgamated to form the Milton-Toowong Scout Group.

In 1993, the Taringa Group amalgamated with the Milton-Toowong Group to form the Taringa-Milton-Toowong Scout Group.

The Group now operates from the Taringa Scout Den situated in five acres of natural bush in Woodstock Avenue, Taringa.

The Group is now stronger because of the amalgamations.

We are a progressive Scout Group but we continue to keep some traditions going. We still have our annual Scout Rally when we invite other Scout Groups to join us for an afternoon of fun and competition. Our Rally is Brisbane’s oldest, continuous Rally, and it’s always lots of fun for all, participants and spectators alike.
The Rally continues to be held on the last Saturday in July when the Milton Scout Group traditionally held its annual rally.

TMT & Scout timeline

1907 Brownsea Island camp establishes scouting

1908 Scouting formerly started in the UK in 1908. Soon after in the same year, four Scout patrols had formed in Brisbane.

1908 Toowong established, meeting at St James Church, one of Queensland’s first four scout patrols and now the longest running.

1909 Milton scouts established

1909 Taringa scouts established

1910 Girl Guides commenced

1916 Scouts Cub section commenced in the UK

1919 Scouts Rover section commenced in the UK

1919 Milton Cub Pack established one year after the first packs in Brisbane

1923 Milton Rover Crew established – Queensland’s first Rover crew

1935 Taringa group moved to the current location at Woodstock Street

1946 Scouts Venturer section commenced (formerly Senior Scouts)

19xx The first Taringa den burnt down and replaced with the current den

1973   Venturer section established in Australia replacing Senior Scouts

1975  First girls allowed in Venturer/Rover sections in Australia

1986 Milton & Toowong groups merged

1988 First girls allowed in Scout and Cub sections in Australia

1993 Taringa & Milton-Toowong merged

1990 Scouts Joey section commenced

200x The Baumann boat shed completed

2008 TMT centenary celebrations

2017 Second shed completed

Historical newspaper articles

The Brisbane Courier ~ Friday, 16 June 1933

Taringa Boy Scouts

Scout-master W J Barrett presided at the meeting of the committee of the Taringa Boy Scouts held in the School of Arts Hall Taringa 0n Tuesday evening. Messrs. B. S. Worfold J. C. Trotter and Scout-master Barrett who were appointed a sub-committee to inspect land suitable for scout purposes reported on the lands inspected but as the result of further offers their recommendation will not be made known till next meeting. The financial statement disclosed a credit balance of £9/8/ Miss A Pitt (honorary secretary of the ladies committee handed in £4 2/ as the net proceeds of the recent dance. It was decided to purchase a bushmans tent for the use of the troop during the week-end training, also install the electric light in Mrs G W Johnson’s garage on Moggill Road, which will be used temporarily as a scout den.

 Brisbane Courier. Taringa Scouts

First Toowong Scouts

The Brisbane Courier newspaper 24 June 1912. First Toowong Scouts

Find more references on the history of Scouting in the Tyakunda district and Queensland >  http://tyakunda.scoutsqld.com.au/history.html


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