Backwoods cooking – Damper for lunch

backwoods cooking damper

Scouts on survival camps prepare their meals using “Backwoods cooking”, a method of cooking without the use of kitchen utensils or cookware.

Alternatives to cookware include aluminium foil, fruit skins (such as egg in an orange skin) and heated stones.  Traditionally, backwoods cooking takes place over a wood burning fire because wood is the most available fuel source in the backwoods.

Here they cooked a damper for lunch in aluminium foil on an open camp fire.  Another favourite is splitting a banana and adding chocolate and marshmallows, then wrapping the banana up again in its skin and alfoil, and cooking on the coals.

This UK Scout group website has some very creative backwoods cooking recipes including toffee apples and cooking a whole chicken in a rucksack!

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